Concert Reviews

Review of Prokofiev Violin Concerto No. 2 with the Orchestra of the Music Makers

July 19, 2016

by Marc Rochester

The Straits Times Singapore


"...Alan Choo took full command of the lovely central movement [of the Prokofiev Second Concerto], soaring sublimely above the gently ticking orchestral accompaniment. He distinguished himself, and the entire performance, with his gorgeous tone and an unerring feel for the music's exotic character."

Review of SG Inspirations, a New Music Project

December 24, 2015

by Mervin Beng

The Straits Times Singapore

"Choo's firebrand delivery of this very challenging work (Hustle Bustle by Phang Kok Jun) made it the outstanding piece of the evening."

"Violinist Choo and pianist Lin were tireless and fully worthy ambassadors for the music of these five very talented composers. Choo in particular seemed to lap up all the technical challenges thrown to him, and his playing had wit and romance to spare."

Review of Trio Phoenix's Asia Summer Tour in Singapore

July 01, 2015

by Dr. Chang Tou Liang

The Straits Times Singapore

(of the Schnittke Piano Trio) "The trio traversed its thorny pages with intense concentration, veering between concord and discord within a split second and back, all through its disquieting and schizophrenic course, before closing with Choo's violin imitating terminal tinnitus."

"Trio Phoenix's encore was a reprise of Rameau's La Cupis, a fitting benediction to a most impressive debut."

Review of the Award-Winner's Recital, The Goh Soon Tioe Centenary Award

August 11, 2014

by Dr. Chang Tou Liang

The Straits Times Singapore

"Skillful and delightful violin show"

"Appropriately his recital began with Telemann’s Fantasia in F major, performed on a baroque violin. Playing on gut strings and using the shorter baroque bow, he produced a deep and mellow sonority in its four short and varied parts. Coloured with a life of its own, the dance-like spirit of each part movement leapt tantalisingly to the fore."

Review of Khachaturian's Violin Concerto with the Singapore Festival Orchestra at the National Piano and Violin Competition Finals (Artist Category)

December 13, 2011

"Choo opted for the Armenian Aram Khachaturian’s ethnic-flavoured Violin Concerto, an unabashed showpiece which he attacked with ferocity and fervour. He also had a free-wheeling quality, resounding as if improvised on the spot."


"Choo is the first Singapore-born violinist to win [the First Prize] since 2001."

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Article: "Red Dot Baroque uses period instruments to rediscover Baroque music"

August 23, 2018

by Tan Yu Xin

Lianhe Zaobao

An introduction of Red Dot Baroque in anticipation of the debut concert on 28 August 2018.

Article: Hitting High Notes

August 28, 2018

by Akshita Nanda

The Straits Times


Alan is featured alongside many other prolific fellow alumni from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore. 

Article: "SG50 music closes the year"

December 17, 2015

by Lee Jian Xuan

The Straits Times


"Next Monday, in a concert titled SG Inspirations - A Gift To Singapore, violinist Alan Choo and pianist Lin Hengyue will perform nine works by Singaporean composers who met while studying at the Peabody Conservatory in the United States."

"Choo and his peers' works are based on their life experiences here. They also drew inspiration from "landscapes and snippets of Singaporean life here", he says. The result: nine pieces by some of Singapore's most promising young musicians, of which three are fresh compositions. The group has also recorded a CD to be released on concert day."

Article: "9 works dedicated to Singapore" [in Mandarin]

December 12, 2015

by Tan Yu Xin

Lianhe Zaobao

Article: "When the bow slips and falls"

July 21, 2015

by Lisabel Ting

The Straits Times Singapore

A casual, fun interview with Lisabel Ting!

Article: "Five young musicians studying in America take their music home"

July 14, 2015

by Tan Yu Xin

Lianhe Zaobao

An article introducing the concert "The Journey Back Home", organized by the Kris Foundation. 

Article: "Peabody student trio on three-city tour"

June 29, 2015

by Leong Weng Kam

The Straits Times Singapore

Article: "Trio Phoenix - Giving new life to 18th-century music on modern instruments" [in Mandarin]

June 11, 2015

by Tan Yu Xin

Lianhe Zaobao

Article: "A musical ode to Singapore"

May 03, 2015

by Celia Wren

The Washington Post

Article introducing a solo recital as part of the Embassy Series, Washington D.C.

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